Plagiarism - An Act That Should Be Avoided

Plagiarism is a horrible thing to do because you steal someone’s work, copy it or make it yours. Whether over the internet or in the real world, plagiarism is an illegal thing. Doing this act doesn’t just show how stupid a person is but also shows how inconsiderate he or she is because stealing someone’s work is like robbing their intellectual rights. Aside from this, plagiarising the works of others would cause them to lose their money and suffer damages. Thus, considering check a paper for plagiarism and being honest is important.

Plagiarizing is a dishonest act and like any dishonest act, there would be consequences for such action. The consequences are dire and can affect a person heavily. If a student plagiarize, he or she would only hinder his growth intellectually. Moreover, if their teachers know of this, this would lead to sanctions that may affect one’s grades. In the worst case scenario, a student may end up expelled.

Plagiarism is also harmful to a person’s reputation. People wouldn’t easily trust a person who have plagiarize the work of others. People would see him or her as unprofessional and this reputation cannot be shaken off. Sometimes, people lose their job because they have plagiarize the work of others. Some would even end up facing a lawsuit because plagiarism breaks copyright laws.

Whatever piece you are writing, it is important to conduct a proper research about the topic and understand it. It may be good to thing to get ideas from others but literally taking their ideas is not. Remember, plagiarism is a serious offense and should be avoided by all means.


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